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Picture of a Beautiful Basset, Sammy

Updated: May 20, 2013, however, believe me, these sayings are older than that....
Welcome, visitors from other lands, other desktops and other laptops. There is often no place more beautiful than your birthplace - and that, for me, is Twenthe.




Scanned photo of our farm house in Harbrinkhoek, Twenthe (from family collection).

Proverbs du jour, Sayings, Words and the Holland-America One Liners
The following are some literal translations of various Dutch and Twents proverbs and sayings which you may not have heard of before. My apologies to native Dutch or Flemish speakers for fractured translations.... Incorporate some of the quotes below and spice up your e-mail to colleages. Either language will work..... For those of you with an interest in languages, pay attention to the cognates. Dutch is closely related to English.
Updated: May 20, 2013, however, believe me, these sayings are older than that....
40 Proverbs and Sayings Today! The latest are at the top. If you are new to this page, work your way up from the bottom.

Source of quotes citing G.A. Mesters is the following: Prisma Spreekwoorden boek, G.A. Mesters , 14th ed.Het SpectrumB.V., Utrecht/Antwerpen, 1982
Source of quotes citing K. Ter Laan is the following: Nederlandse Spreekwoorden Spreuken en Zegswijzen, K. Ter Laan, 24th ed., Elsevier, 1987
Wherever possible, sources are credited and copyright(s) are indicated. Unless otherwise indicated, all translations are my own. Unless otherwise stated, permission is granted for any non-profit institution to use this material in any fashion except for profit. If there are copyright infringements, bring them to my attention.
For those readers who had the fortitude to make it this far, remember: "Oons Tweante dat is zo'n mooi laendke."
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