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All of Florida's public school districts with job listings. On the Net since 1995. Now in our 19th Year of Operation. And it's free.

Some cyber sphere projections:

"As the Internet reduces friction, companies will learn that there are only two kinds of competitive advantage: those that are based on offering customers something truly wonderful and unique, and those that aren't. Weak or ignorant customers, high search costs, local monopolies, forced tie-ins, and price discrimination are of the second variety. The Internet will render them worthless." -- Gary Hamel, Chairman, Strategos, Inc., Wallstreet Journal, Tuesday, June 6, 2000.

"... the net is the collective interaction spun off by a trillion objects and living beings, linked together through air and glass....The whole shebang won't happen tomorrow, but the trajectory is clear. We are connecting all to all." --Kevin Kelly, Wired's executive editor, Wired, September 1997.

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For Father's Day, June 1996:

It's graduation time! So, remember:

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